“Caregiving Your Older Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Date: Early June (TBA)

Family caregiving a chronically-ill older loved one can normally be one of the most rewarding yet stressful and challenging jobs on the planet – imagine what is may be like during a pandemic of COVID-19’s magnitude! This caregiving webinar will offer some suggestions on ways in which family caregivers can mobilize their own reserve, professional and technological supports, information and educational resources and their loved one’s remaining skills and abilities to promote a safe and meaningful caregiving experience.


“Stress & Anxiety in Youth with Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Supports for COVID-19 and Beyond”

Friday, June 24, 11 AM – 12 PM EST

There is a high incidence of stress and anxiety disorders in people with developmental disabilities across the age range-including in children, teens, and young adults. Several factors account for this finding. In this webinar, Dr. Lynch will explore these factors and provide actionable strategies for supporting youth with developmental disabilities both during the current pandemic and beyond. (Registration link will be available soon.)



“Student Mental Health and Positive Parenting During COVID-19”

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“Staying ‘Senior-Tough’ During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond”

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Please stay tuned for the complete recording, to be posted by June 7, 2020.

Older Americans are among the most medically vulnerable populations being impacted by COVID-19, especially those in long-term care settings. However, seniors’ life experiences in dealing with adversity and their outlooks on living make them among our nation’s most resilient citizens! This webinar will explore some of the unique physical, social and psychological challenges faced by older adults during this current COVID-19 crisis, and offers some suggestions on how seniors and their family caregivers can maximize their skills and abilities to help survive and thrive during and beyond the pandemic.


“Crisis Planning for Families”

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Wellness Centers & Respite Houses Directory | Designated Screening Centers | Hotlines

Visitor Policy | Navigating a Mental Health Crisis Guide (available in Spanish)


“Pandemia del Coronavirus-19: Dimensión Psicosocial & Bienestar”

Speaker Bio: English | Biografia de la oradora: En Español

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“Federal and State Benefits Program Changes During the COVID-19 Emergency”

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“Emotional Wellness During COVID-19”

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“Grieving the Loss of Normalcy”

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“Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)”

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“Wellness Strategies for Managing Crisis”

Words of Wellness (Vol. 12, No. 4)Words of Wellness (Vol. 12, No. 5)


“Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”


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