Expressive Arts Café

As the newest project launched in June 2020, the virtual Expressive Arts Café is a series of Zoom meetings featuring different topics ranging from poetry to musical interpretations, from vision boards to handmade crafts. You’ll be served espresso first every visit – a two-minute journaling response that you may or may not share. The Daily Special follows. We will always prepare you for your dining experience with knowledge of the planned workshop and theme. Our workshops include art-journaling, sharing an open mic, storytelling and more. Finally, before you exit, we’ll leave you with a little mint of gratitude to carry you through the rest of your day. All courteous friends are welcome, and creativity is not required! Email to get on our notice list!


Upcoming Meeting:

Monday, June 21 at 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. ET

We hope everyone is enjoying the Juneteenth Celebration, Pride Month and Summer. For this month’s café, we’ve invited another artistic guest to share her talents with us. Shagun Argarwal will lead us in a workshop that we call “Doodling” but also involves a technique Shagun learned named Zentangle. She finds it to be relaxing and unrestricted. The great part is all you need is a good pen and a piece of paper. We have some recommendations for pens below.

So please join us on June 21 at 1pm and don’t forget to bring your favorite café beverage. We’re the café just around the corner and we will get to know your name😊.

Materials Needed:

Micro-tip Black Sharpie pen, preferably

Black ball pen

Colored pencils/pens/markers